New book out: Nordmarka

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Solo Exhibition, "An ode to Nordmarka"

03.05 - 26.05.2024 - Hos Arne Gallery, Oslo


Guest of UNP founder and curator Grant Scott / podcast about photography / 5 minutes about what does photography mean to me.

(from min. 6.11)


Exhibition at Higashi Osaka City Cultural Hall in occasion of ballerina Maiko Nishino  @swan_song - July 28th 2023. The images are a serie of portrait we did in 2010-2013


How Massimo Leardini pays homage to the natural Scandinavian light.......We ask Leardini to describe his ideal portrait session, early inspirations, and why his portfolio is strictly black and white.


A Tribute to Nordmarka with Signe Veiteberg for D2 Magazine


Interview by Alessandra Lanza for The Vision magazine


Sva Marga

Hos Arne Gallery have gathered a number of artists who in their own way work closer to themselves and nature through art. Sva Marga is the title of philosopher Arne Næss most acclaimed book about finding oneself, about human's place in nature and nature's place in human. The exhibition is curated by Cat Werring Otnes.

28.04 - 15.05.2022


Jane magazine #11 - SS22


Nordisk Vår  ( Nordic Spring )

The exhibition includes works by 22 leading Nordic photographers and is curated by Greger Ulf Nilson. The name and theme is inspired by Edith Södergran's poem Nordisk Vår.

Stockholm, 24.03 - 09-04.2022


Solo exhibition at Shoot Gallery Oslo, 02.12.2021-15.01.2022

A collection of 17 photographs from my latest project and book Elv (Norwegian for River). A series of transcendental images of contorted fragments of the female body, set deep within in the primordial forests of Scandinavia. The map that Leardini unfolds is not built, but behaves like a puzzle in the imagination.



Oslo Negativ Photofestival, 01.10-24.10.2021

The Ravestijn Gallery Amsterdam, 30.10.2021-08.01.2022

See the all movie here


Interview by Caroline Krager for Collectiveoslo


Massimo Leardini’s Elv: Limbs Both Human and Other by Brad Feuerhelm


New book out: ELV (Norwegian for River)

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