El Tango es Buenos Aires, 2001

160 pages
24 cm x 34 cm
92 images - Offset printing
Cover - Hard back / Dust Jacket - Frost SPH

This book is  the result from a trip in Buenos Aires back in february 2000. Tango has neither beginning nor end, it’s like a breath of air going in and out, like a heart beating on and on. Tango is something that emerges from a side-street, from a gateway, or from deep down underneath the streets where you walk. It´s being played and danced too, but most of all is being lived; Tango is much more then musicians and the dancers. It spills out of everything that is Argentina. Everything you see and hear, everything that rumbles and pounds, crackles and sounds and is beautiful and ugly and chaotic and wonderful; everything that propels people forward down there in Buenos Aires and the other Argentinean towns, the very rhythm that runs through their lives.

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